Vinyl may seem like a good choice at the beginning because of its affordability and the extra storage underneath the deck. But it will quickly show its limits when confronted with everyday life.

Vinyl Decks

  • Are very slippery when wet.
  • Fade with time.
  • Peel off while pressure washing.
  • Stain forever with BBQ grease.
  • Can't be used to match with stairs.
  • Burn with cigarette butts.

Tanzite STONEDECK Advantages 

  • Lifetime warranty*
  • Safety! Non-slip. The top layer has a roughness comparable to medium grain sandpaper
  • Fade-free: it will look amazing in 20 years
  • Easy to clean: pressure washing won't damage it
  • Doesn’t stain with BBQ grease
  • Can match with stairs and patios
  • Can have a cigarette burning on its surface without leaving a trace

Beyond being incredibly long-lasting, Tanzite STONEDECK also doesn’t scratch, stain, fade, get slippery, or melt like vinyl.

Stone Makes the Best Deck!

How Tanzite is Made

Like man-made diamonds, Tanzite is a stone made using incredible heat and pressure. This process delivers a unique Tanzite stone without the flaws or the cost of natural stone.

Easy to Install

The outside edges are screwed down, and the rest of the tiles simply float.


Any product used outdoors needs to be able to handle weather, temperature changes and resist the UV light from the sun. This is why stone has been used outdoors for millennia.

Stone Tile Decking

Tanzite STONEDECKS are built on the same basic structure as any other deck. Perfect for decks, rooftop patios, stairs, and walkways.

Tanzite STONEDECKS are flexible and lightweight to use on any deck application.

They can easily cover existing wood or vinyl decks, stairs, balconies, living space decks, and rooftops.

It can cover stairs and landings, concrete or paving stone, and be laid directly on the ground.

    Cover Wood Decks

    Balconies & Rooftops

    Stairs & Landings

    Explore our Decking Collections

    Appalachian Collection

    Installed as easily as any composite, with clips, but with the durability of stones! Installs over any existing or new typical wood frame.


    Rainier Collection

    Waterproof decking that covers any typical existing, or new, wood structure! Also installs over concrete or directly on the ground.



    Life can throw many things at your deck.  We offer you a long-lasting and low-maintenance deck that looks amazing for a lifetime. 

    These tests prove how tough a Tanzite STONEDECK is!


    Compare color, finishes, and materials, and see the aesthetics of Tanzite decking in your outdoor space.