Rainier Sample Kit

Our Indoor/Outdoor System

This sample kit includes actual pieces of our Rainier stones and gaskets, in every color.

The Rainier Collection is a free floating waterproof system that is installed over your existing deck, ora plywood subfloor. Since it is water proof it can protect your wood deck structure and give you dry space under your deck. The Rainier Collection stones also look amazing installed on the ground for patios,walkways, or even over concrete.

Appalachian Sample Kit

Our Rain Through Decking System

This sample kit includes actual pieces of our Appalachian boards in every color and profile.

The Appalachian Collection is a non-waterproof system that, like most composite decking, is installed directly against the deck frame with hidden fasteners and gaps between the boards to let the rain fall through. The cost,installation processes, and deck structure are almost identical to most composite decking however, unlike composite this is NOT made of plastic.

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What Our Clients Say

"I did it all by myself and was quite easy to install. People would walk by and stop to see the product (I told them about your site). Everyone has commented on how beautiful it looks now. So that is why I'm sending you these pictures and comments. Thanks again!"


"I absolutely love my re-finished deck. I just wish I would have done it sooner"


"Thanks again! Your product was amazing to install"


"Ours is installed! Soooo beautiful!"

- Terre

"Awesome and stunning products"