What Size Deck Should I Have?

A lot many people actually understate the importance of having a predetermined and well-planned deck size. Your deck size very strictly dictates not only the aesthetics that one wants to convey but also the budget of the deck. The amount of money that you will spend on the deck is entirely dependent on the size of the deck with a very direct proportionate calculation. If budget is not an issue then it is very easy for one to get carried away with the size of the deck. It is a great practice to prepare beforehand for your outdoor living ideas.

Most deck builders have a few rules to help scale the deck to properly fit the house.

  1. A deck should not be built larger than 20% of the square footage of the house it is attached to.

  2. No single section of the deck should be larger than the largest room in the house.

However, none of these are set in stone, therefore, you can adapt them to however you may require given that your design fits your overall aesthetic or the overall budget that you have. For example, if your deck is not attached to the house directly and is overlooking some scenery then you can make the deck as large as you think it is comfortable. Larger decks might seem empty and have a very eerie vibe to it that might be the opposite of comfortable. Make sure your deck is well filled in all the right spaces if it is huge and spacious with plenty of lightning to make it seem lively.


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Using these rules you should get yourself a notebook of quarter-inch graph paper and a ruler and start sketching out your ideas. Consider designing the deck in a way that it has multiple levels. Using this idea, create a few separate ideas to break the monotonous boxy rectangular shaped decks there are usually when it comes to decks.


Further you can even use our free deck design tool when it comes to the designing and planning. This tool can be used very easily with the deck estimator which would help you decide what kind of decking and how much of it is needed and how much would it cost to cover the area that you plan on building the deck.


Deck plans are sometimes difficult to visualize on paper and determine how they will appear and feel in a real space. To be able to get comfortable with its shape and proportion, you may need to lay out the design at the site. To sketch out the design's outline or footprint, use a tape measure, hose, or spray paint. Do you find it to be larger or smaller than you expected? To visualize how the space will be used, it might help you to arrange some furniture in the outline. Is there enough room on the deck for you to move around freely, or will it be too cramped? Making adjustments to the plan may be necessary in order to use your findings.


While it is imperative to plan your deck beforehand to mitigate concerns such as the lack of space or perhaps the abundance of it. It is very important that these details be looked at with great detail since it affects your overall aesthetic. Preplanning is the only way to counter such problems and a well sketched out plan works great for such a task as it gives you a tangible idea of how big the space will be and how much you need to do. Head on over to our free deck design tool or call and consult us if you need any help regarding an outdoor stone decks.


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