The Top 10 Outdoor Fireplaces for 2022

Are you a fan of genuine fires and the associated experiences? With an outdoor fireplace, you can add fun and practicality to your deck while enhancing its ambiance. Use it to ward off the winter chill and roast marshmallows with your pals during the summer.

Choosing the perfect outdoor fireplace might be challenging. We've made things easier for you by recommending ten beautiful outdoor fireplaces.

Before choosing an outdoor fireplace for your deck or patio, we recommend consulting with the manufacturer of your decking to see whether it is safe to use an outdoor fireplace on or near your decking.

Best Overall Outdoor Fireplace: Outland Living Firebowl

The greatest outdoor fireplaces should be long-lasting, user-friendly, and inexpensive. With over 2,000 five-star evaluations, the Outland Living Firebowl is a perfect fit. This outdoor fireplace burns cleanly with propane and weighs only 23 pounds, making it easy to store when not in use. The Outland Living Firebowl is the ideal focal point for your backyard. Its' rapid igniting makes it ideal for both social gatherings and private time.

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Best Outdoor Gas Fireplace: Endless Summer 30-inch Outdoor Fire Pit

Gas-fueled outdoor fireplaces are occasionally chosen over wood-burning outdoor fireplaces. With an outdoor gas fireplace, you can enjoy an open flame without worrying about flying sparks or embers. Like the Endless Summer 30-inch Outdoor Fire Pit, the ideal outdoor gas fireplace should be simple to ignite with the push of a button. With its adjustable flame, you'll always have just the correct amount of heat when you need it.

Best Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace: Amagabeli 36-inch Heavy-Duty Cast-Iron Fire Pit

A wood-burning fireplace lends rustic appeal to an outdoor living area. Wood-burning fireplaces frequently produce smoke, embers, and ash, despite their ability to fight off the chill. This is why it is essential to utilize a fire pit cushion beneath an outdoor fireplace to prevent damage to your deck, assuming that the manufacturer of your decking material approves the use of an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Consider the Amagabeli 36-inch Heavy-Duty Cast-Iron Fire Pit in light of this. It includes a stand that lifts the fire pit, protecting the deck surface.

Best Outdoor Fireplace for Decks: Kozyard Outdoor Wicker Patio Fire Pit Table

If you enjoy spending time on your deck regardless of the season, search for an outdoor fireplace that can be installed immediately on the deck. The Kozyard Outdoor Wicker Patio Fire Pit Table is the optimal option. Its attractive wicker exterior can complement your existing outdoor furniture. Although its exterior has the appearance of natural wicker, this outdoor patio fire pit is constructed of aluminum, steel alloy, and stone for durability. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this outdoor fireplace is also useful. During the warmer months, the heating element can be concealed and the table used as normal.

Best Outdoor Fireplace with Chimney: Sunjoy Gwendolyn Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces with chimneys are an excellent choice because the smoke is directed away from you and your visitors. This means that you can enjoy a wood-burning fire even on windy nights without inhaling smoke. The Sunjoy Gwendolyn Outdoor Fireplace is elevated to protect your deck and features a detachable grate for quick ash cleanup.

Best Budget Outdoor Fireplace: Bessemer Patio Fireplace

Want to enjoy the comfort of an outdoor fireplace without emptying your wallet? Consider only the Bessemer Patio Fireplace. It gives all the excitement and ambiance of a more expensive device for just over $100. This wood-burning fireplace has a transportable handle and wheels for convenience. Utilize it on your deck before packing it up to take camping or to the beach.

Best Outdoor Electric Fireplace: MAXXPRIME 50" Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces designed exclusively for outdoor usage are uncommon, but if you have a deck or patio with a sheltered area, you have a number of options for both indoor and outdoor use. The MAXXPRIME 50" Electric Fireplace can be set on the floor or mounted on a wall; however, it must be installed in a location that is protected from rain and other severe weather. It features a sleek, contemporary appearance that is sure to wow.

Best Outdoor Fireplace Kit: Uniflasy 36" by 12" Drop-in Fire Pit

Creating your own outdoor fireplace is a fun do-it-yourself project. The Uniflasy 36" by 12" Drop-in Fire Pit includes a high-quality stainless steel firepan, a battery-powered igniter, and all the necessary hoses and valves to construct your own outdoor fireplace.

Best Clay Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace: The Lakeside Collection Outdoor Wood Burning Clay Chiminea

A clay chiminea outdoor fireplace can be a gorgeous addition to any deck. The compact size of the Lakeside Collection Outdoor Wood Burning Clay Chiminea makes it ideal for informal gatherings. Keep in mind that clay fireplaces can be fragile. If you decide to purchase one, make sure to cover it during inclement weather and bring it indoors during high winds to prevent it from toppling and cracking.

Best Tabletop Outdoor Fireplace: Terram Flame Tabletop Fire Bowl

Tabletop outdoor fireplaces are ideal for settings with limited space. Without taking up a great deal of space, they offer a stunning centerpiece for eating areas or intimate meeting spaces. The Terra Flame Tabletop Fire Bowl provides a gorgeous ambiance and cozy warmth in a compact design. The flame is enclosed in a beautiful bowl that complements both contemporary and classic décor. Despite the fact that it does not provide the same level of warmth as a conventional fireplace, it is a beautiful and inviting addition to any deck.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Fireplace

Consider these variables when picking which fireplace is perfect for you if you're having problems selecting one. Consider the material and fuel used in the construction of the outdoor fireplace. Also, outdoor fireplaces offer varying levels of heat production, so consider the size of the space you're attempting to heat. In addition, ensure that the maker of your decking affirms that it is safe to operate an outdoor fireplace on or around your deck. Safety is of the foremost consideration when contemplating the addition of any deck element.


When considering what material to use for your outdoor fireplace, it is essential to consider how it will complement your existing outdoor décor. A fireplace built of brick or stone will lend a rustic, classic touch, whilst a fireplace made of steel, iron, or glass will add a more contemporary touch.

Fuel Type

There are various fuel options available for outdoor fireplaces, including wood, gas, and electricity. Consider the gasoline type that best suits your needs. Do you possess an outlet for an electric fireplace? Do you have easy access to a firewood source? If not, a gas fireplace may serve your needs better.

Heat Output

Are you heating a small, intimate place, or will you be hosting a large number of guests in a large area? A greater area will be heated by an outdoor fireplace with increased heat output. However, if you only want to warm one section of your deck, a fireplace with a high heat output may be unnecessary.

Safety Considerations

Because many outdoor fireplaces produce smoke and include open flames, safety should always be considered. Electric fireplaces don't produce smoke, but it's still vital to consider how much space you'll need to store your belongings. Remove all combustible products and carefully supervise children and animals in the vicinity.

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