The 8 Best Deck Paints for 2022

If you like being outside, your deck is where you should be. It's a great place to hang out with friends, play games, or just relax. But having a deck comes with its own responsibilities, like keeping it in good shape. How you finish your deck is one of the most important choices you'll have to make about it.

Painting your wooden deck is a great way to finish it because you can pick any color or style that you like. Paint can fix up old or broken wood and protect it from further damage from the sun and weather. But how do you choose the best paint for a wood deck? We'll talk about a few of the best below.

Best Overall Deck Paint: Montage Signature Interior/Exterior Paint

Montage Signature Interior/Exterior paint is at the top of our list. Because there are so many colors to choose from, this could be the best deck paint (currently, 15 colors). It works well on many surfaces and doesn't grow mold or mildew, making it the perfect way to finish off your deck. This paint can also be cleaned with a sponge, so scuffs and marks are easy to get rid of without hurting the finish. Montage guarantees that all of their paints are safe for the environment, so you can be sure that you're making the best choice for the planet while making your deck look great.

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Best Deck Paint for Old Wood: KILZ Enamel Floor Paint

With Enamel Floor Paint, you can give a well-loved deck a new look. This is one of the best deck paints for old wood because it lasts a very long time and doesn't fade, peel, or crack. Even if you've painted or stained your deck before, the low-shine finish of this paint will make any outdoor space look great.

KILZ Enamel Floor Paint has a film that doesn't grow mildew and can withstand even the worst weather.

Best Deck Paint for Slippery Surfaces: Fixall Skid Grip Anti-Slip Paint

When it rains a lot or if you have a pool or hot tub nearby, painted wood can sometimes become slippery when wet. Finding the best non-slip deck paint can keep people from getting hurt or hurting themselves.

Fixall Skid Grip Anti-Slip Paint will keep your family and guests from slipping and falling. This textured paint makes a surface that doesn't slip and is great for places like stairs that get a lot of use.

Best Budget Deck Paint: INSL-X Sure Step Acrylic Anti-Slip Coating Paint

Even if you don't have a lot of money, you can still refresh your deck without spending a lot. We think INSL-X Sure Step Acrylic Anti-Slip Coating paint is the best budget deck paint because it has all the benefits of other deck paints but costs less. Not only does it dry quickly, but it also makes a non-slip coating that comes in many colors and is sure to give your deck or porch a new look.

Best Oil-Based Deck Paint: Diamond Brite All-Purpose Paint

Once upon a time, oil-based deck paints were the best. They don't last as long as water-based paints and are harder to clean, but they work well in all climates and are usually cheaper.

Diamond Brite All-Purpose Paint is our pick for the best oil-based deck paint because it can be used on wood, concrete, and other surfaces and can stand up to heavy use.

Best Water-Based Deck Paint: Prestige Paints Exterior Paint and Primer In One

People like water-based deck paints because they last a long time and are easy to apply. Deck paints that are made with water hold up well over time. Having a primer and paint in the same product is a great way to save time and make the painting process easier. The water-based Prestige Paints Exterior Paint and Primer In One is a great deck paint that works well on wood, cement, and masonry.

Best Deck Paint for Weatherproofing: Rust-Oleum 206999 Topside Paint

Looking for paint that will stay on your deck even in the worst weather? You should choose Rust-Oleum 206999 Topside Paint. It was made to be used in the water, so it is waterproof, doesn't grow mold or mildew, and protects against UV damage that can cause colors to fade. This formula dries in a few hours and has a smooth, glossy finish, so you don't have to wait to use your newly painted deck.

Longest Lasting Deck Paint: Allflor California Paints Porch, Patio and Floor Paint

We understand that most people would rather not have to paint their deck every year. Painting your deck is a time-consuming project, so selecting a paint that can endure for years will make deck maintenance much easier.

The Allflor California Paints Porch, Patio, and Floor Paint is an acrylic latex paint strengthened with epoxy that resists fading and wear, so it will appear freshly painted even a year after application.

How to Choose the Best Deck Paint for You

With so many available options for deck paint, it might be difficult to choose the one that best suits your needs. Several criteria, such as the type of paint, its durability, and its appearance once it dries, can help you limit your options.

Type of Paint

Both water-based (acrylic) and oil-based paints have advantages and disadvantages. Acrylic paint is typically more durable and easier to apply and clean. Oil-based deck paint is not as durable as its water-based counterpart, but it can be less expensive.


Consider how you intend to utilize your deck while selecting the appropriate deck paint. Do you frequent it at every opportunity, or is it reserved for exceptional occasions? Do your children use it as a playground, or do you drink coffee there on Sunday mornings?

If your deck has a great deal of foot traffic, you should opt for materials that will withstand abuse. Additionally, consider the weather. Frequent storms, high winds, and heavy rain or snow can harm deck paint, but if you select something highly sturdy, it should endure for many years and resist wear and tear.

Type of Finish

You can pick between a flat (matte), semi-gloss, satin, or glossy finish, each of which delivers a unique appearance. Glossy coatings tend to reveal dirt more readily yet have a lovely sheen. Flat finishes conceal dirt more effectively, so if you choose a lighter hue, a flat finish may be the best option.


How large is the region you are attempting to cover? Before purchasing paint, measure the size of your deck. On average, one gallon of paint can cover up to 400 square feet, but less if you are painting raw wood. Because wood is porous and absorbs paint, one gallon of paint may only cover 200-300 square feet of unfinished wood.

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