Space Planning

The design of a deck ideally should have the same amount of thought put into it as any other part of your house. Decks do not just have to be rectangles and squares. It could contain several distinct sections with places for different purposes. To use all your existing space properly, special thought needs to be put into what goes in what areas and how do they complement other places or add entirely new functionality to it. With smaller decks, space planning becomes even more important because you already have a very constrained space from which one has to take out the maximum utility. Even with a small deck if it is properly planned and designed, you can get the maximum out of it. The way these spaces are designed and creatively organized will determine the entire spatial layout of your deck. Also remember, no decks have to be squares or rectangular. You can add circular, hexagonal, and other areas on your deck. Mix and match shapes to add variety to your space. The planning for your outdoor living ideas should keep all these points in the works.

It is also wise to pre-plan using our free deck design tool which would help you plan how to use what space and how to maximize utility per square foot of area. Your average deck should have a variety of spaces to accommodate various activities. These could be anything from a lounge area, a space to dine in, or even someplace where you can bathe by including a spa or a pool on your Deck to even have an area where you can grill and cook or include more space for entertaining your guests. The more versatile your deck designs are the better it can accommodate changes, these changes could be anything from subtle changes such as moving some furniture around to even including entirely new spaces on your deck or even expanding your deck entirely. We would encourage people to create compositions of different smaller-sized spaces rather than just building a square or rectangle deck. This not only gives you more flexibility in general but also it cuts down on the wasted space. When combining these deck areas, you should consider how these spaces would intersect and overlap for the best functionality and flow. You may want to add a shade feature or a porch roof over certain areas of the deck. This way you can not only adapt your deck better for whatever occasion but your deck would be more receptive to upgrades and add on to the deck since it has already been planned in this sort of a modular way where each space functions separately but blends in together to create the experience. Read more: Deck Features And Modifications Keep in mind some spaces such as a grill area would require you to have some space for the power and fuel. Keep in mind about these things when you are doing some space planning so that when the time comes you can add these features easily. One other important thing would be to figure out what functionality would what specific areas have. Would you want a pool in a specific area in the future? A fireplace? It's good to leave space for some future upgrades to your deck projects. If you plan to use it for dining and entertaining, you will consider it your primary space. On average, this is the largest area on your deck. Plan on a set of tables is 12' x 12' minimum. Consider elevating or changing decking direction. An out-of-the-way grilling area can be positioned in a niche or bay. Your deck's underside should not be overlooked. A water drainage system can transform this area into an alternate place to enjoy on rainy days. Adding a concrete patio floor and screened walls will make the area even more comfortable. There is also room below your deck for storage. It is again, very imperative that your deck is future proofed. Consider what kind of decking you have when planning for space too as mixing and matching some decking could also give some distinct character to each of the spaces. You can have your space area in stone deck tiles and your other area in wooden or composite decking. #decking #tanzitestondecks #deckingideas #tanzanitedeck #deckstyles #outdoorstonedecks #outdoorlivingideas #deckdesign #decklayoutandspaceplanning

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