How to Decorate Deck Support Columns

One of the most prevalent complaints regarding the aesthetics of elevated deck design is that the support pillars are unsightly and present an odd visual contrast. If you build a tall deck out of pressure-treated 4x4s or 6x6s, it could give the impression that the deck is only supported by flimsy stilts because of its height. In all honesty, the structural capacity of these posts is adequate; nevertheless, by adding extra heft to the posts, you may make your deck appear to have greater strength. To your good fortune, there are a number of inventive approaches to the challenge that, when implemented, will render your deck distinctive and appealing.


Decorative Bracing


Installing knee bracing in the spaces between support posts is a quick and easy technique to improve the appearance of the posts in your structure. You have the option of using diagonal supports that are arched or straight. Make an effort to make references to elements that can be found elsewhere in the design of the house. Not only will it look as though the load is being distributed more equally, but the braces will also make the support posts appear to be less in height.


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Support Bases

When installed on what appears to be a sturdy base, deck posts take on the appearance of having greater strength. Some deck builders may design post bases that measure 12 inches by 12 inches and are elevated 2-3 feet off the ground so that they can wrap around the base of support posts. These bases can be encased with brick or stone decking to provide the appearance of weight, or they might be cut to conform to the style of the home. This method, similar to ornamental bracing, visually shortens the length of the posts, which ultimately results in a product that is both more robust and more visually interesting.


Engineered Support Columns

There is a wide selection of prefabricated structural columns available to be used in the function of deck supports. The majority are made of metal, which gives them a more substantial appearance than conventional wooden posts. For the sake of adding a historic or stylistic statement, some make use of classical elements like capitals and fluting. You have your choice of a variety of options, including dimensions, contours, and hues. Your deck will have a one-of-a-kind appearance if you use engineered support columns; nevertheless, this will result in an increase in the total cost of your project.


Brick or Stone Solid Mass Columns

You also have the option of using solid brick or stone columns to support your deck, which is becoming increasingly common on more premium properties. This is a pretty intriguing look that could very well be exactly what you have been searching for all along. It is not possible to attain the same level of uniformity with pressure-treated wood decks because it is possible to match the materials and patterns that are already present on the façade of your property. This fashion will also add to the costs, and it may make the construction process more difficult. Be sure you have a strategy in place for how the brick or stone columns will be attached to the deck structure before you begin construction.

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