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With a color that contrasts and fits perfectly with whatever color scheme or theme you have in mind, there is no doubt that gray and all of its different shades are one of the most popular color choices when selecting composite decking for your needs. Composite decking offers some real utility over its wooden counterparts with modern composite decking being able to create the feel and grainy grooved texture of wood with it being water-resistant and requiring much less maintenance than its wooden counterpart.

Gray composite decking is very versatile with most science fiction or other modernist media touting it as the color of the future, you can create a very crisp and modern look to your deck or maybe just give it a more old-school vibe. There is a wide range of shades you can choose from with the lighter gray shades like pebble gray or the darker gray like Winchester gray.


However composite decking is not the only way you can create a gray outlook. Consider stone deck tiles when choosing to create this look as it creates a very exquisite and modernist look and is more adaptable when it comes to weathering climates as they quite literally last forever. Tile, unlike wood or composite, does not scratch or dent. It comes in a complete variety of colors quite like any other material with a very distinctive and unique feel to it that you will not find in any other colors.


Choosing the right shade or feel that you are going for is a very personal choice however you can look at plenty of great examples for any inspirational needs. Pinterest is a great platform to visit for such inspiration or you could consult this list of ideas for any inspiration needs. Let us serve as a springboard for your next project.


Gray Decking Gallery


Gray decking brims are versatile and provide a huge range of tones and choices. From warmer toned, “Greige” that mixes shades of gray that are more varied with more hues such as blue undertones, this makes your gray decking look nothing less interesting as it provides plenty of varied visual feedback. In fact, the color combination is unlimited and can be anything that you want to be so you should pick and choose whatever you like that speaks to your design sensibilities.


Choosing the right shade of gray for your decking can create an outdoor space that would be more like a true extension to your house with extra thought put into creating the ambiance and vibe that we want to make. Explore some of the possibilities over here with us to see how you can mix and match said colors to create the vibe and feel that you like.


Sophisticated Gray and White Dining Area


Softer gray shades of stone tiles or composite decking installed diagonally beneath a bright white pergola create a very lush dining space that is to be frankly very exciting. You can combine your furniture to create a very intuitive color scheme for your space so that no visual mediums would go wasted in how to create the perfect space that you want.


Monochromatic Gray Decking with Pops of Color


For a more brought-together monochromatic look, light gray decking can be matched with a similar hue on the railing complimenting the outlook of the deck. Moreover, you can have your deck contrast with the walls in your house however this means that the deck would need to ideally be planned and built at the same time the house is being built so that there could be a perfect contrast between the two. You can use your furniture and foliage to create this popping effect.


These pops of colors can make it easier to draw specific attention to what parts of the deck you want to draw attention to and would also create a very subtle cue to the pathing that one should follow to reach one point from the other on the deck. This also would look very bright in pictures and your deck would become the perfect background for your Instagram.


Embedded Lighting and Contrasting colors


This sort of deck would use lighter colors such as white for accent and highlight certain aspects if it is a multi-tiered deck. You can cleverly use Led lights to illuminate certain areas of the deck especially stairs if it has any. The stair lights would serve as a direct complement to the high ceilings lights in the deck.


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Simple Design to Frame a Great View


Given that you have a great exterior view of your surroundings for example if your deck sits on a lake or you can view a mountain from it then you should make your deck in such a way that complements the surroundings and brings more attention to the view. Here the deck design has to take a little bit of a back seat so that you can view the surroundings better.


For such applications pebble gray shades and in general stone tiles work great because they already have the natural earth elements and feel into them but also since it would mean the deck is outdoor therefore Greystone deck tiles can weather the forces much easier.


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