Deck Stair Lighting

Believe it or not, the IRC requires that your deck's stairs be illuminated. Deck inspections are often conducted during the day, therefore stair lighting is rarely evaluated. In the majority of circumstances, the external light beside the patio door will be enough. There are, however, a number of simple lighting options that can offer a distinctive aesthetic aspect.


Attaching low-voltage lights to the riser boards or rail posts of the staircase can offer sufficient illumination to view the treads and prevent falls. Most builders connect low-voltage cables to transformers that plug into outlets similar to those used for landscape lighting. You will need to ensure that you have a transformer of sufficient size to power all of the lights. Especially on cascading staircases, you may need to change the placements of the stair stringers to accommodate the light unit. There are numerous styles available. Some lampposts are powered by solar cells that eliminate the need for an external power source and the difficulty of concealing the wires.


What are the 3 Main Types of Outdoor Deck Lighting?


Let’s first address the different types of outdoor deck lighting that can be offered to your clients.


There are three types of outdoor deck lighting:


Permanent deck lighting is built into the structure of the deck, such as in the risers or under the top rail. It is typically the most expensive option and the most difficult to install, but it delivers higher quality and longevity.


Semi Permanent deck lighting is not built into the framework of the deck, but rather requires installation, such as string lights. Even when approved for outdoor usage, semi permanent lighting is not as resistant to the weather as permanent illumination.


Temporary deck lighting requires no installation whatsoever. Consider candles and lanterns. Temporary lighting fashions fluctuate frequently, from colored outdoor lights one season to tiny fairy lights the next!


When discussing outdoor deck lighting solutions with clients, it is crucial to emphasize the benefits of permanent outdoor lighting over semi-permanent or temporary options.


Temporary and semi-permanent lighting are both less expensive initially, but more subject to weather damage. Additionally, they will have to be updated more regularly, resulting in long-term expenses.


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Permanent outdoor lighting offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Visibility: Permanent outdoor lighting improves visibility by uniformly illuminating a larger area than temporary or semipermanent lighting.

  • Safety: Increased visibility increases safety. There are lighting devices built specifically for transition points like staircases.

  • Long-term use: A deck light of superior quality will last for years, providing safety and ambience, and make customers happier.

Permanent deck lighting from a reputable outdoor lighting manufacturer is the best option for clients who desire a well-lit deck environment that is simple to handle and maintain.


2) Essential Deck Lighting Fixtures for All Deck Lighting Ideas


a) Deck stair lighting


A staircase in the dark is a formula for disaster. The addition of deck stair lighting transforms potentially hazardous deck steps into an aesthetically pleasing element.


Integrated deck step lights that are functional but not too bright are a nice compromise between safety and visibility. Adding lighting to the stair treads or risers of the deck will guarantee a smooth evening.


When selecting recessed deck stair lighting, be sure to select lights that can be walked on. A reputable producer of outdoor lighting will disclose whether their products can withstand the weight.


b) Deck Post and Privacy Wall Lighting


Installing lights on deck railings and deck posts is a simple method to improve the architectural appeal and style of any outdoor environment.


Deck rail lights, such as the mini wedge dark, serve the dual purpose of illuminating the ground below and boosting the deck's overall visibility. Up-lights can be affixed to deck posts or inserted in the flooring beneath deck posts to enhance the structure's architecture and the beauty of the outdoor area.


The addition of downlights, such as the cube or ace down, or accent lights, such as the blink or wedge, results in a more delicate illumination. These fixtures are suggested for illuminating privacy barriers or fences!


c) Deck String Lights


Hanging lights on your deck or stringing lights of various colors will create a festive environment year-round.


Although string lights are fashionable, they do not endure as long as other lighting solutions. They must be replaced more frequently than other lighting alternatives since they cannot withstand the elements as effectively. And the quality of the light output cannot match that of a low-voltage system.


During times when you know you will not be using them for outdoor lighting, it is advised to take down string lights.


d) Undercap Lighting


Undercap lighting, such as the EVO HYDE or EVO HYDE DARK, is vital for seating areas with built-in seats or worktops. Click here to add text to your slide. These discrete fixtures are intended to be concealed, sending light downward under the lip of a flat surface, such as a bench's edge. If you have an outdoor grill or cooking area, consider installing lights underneath workplaces (such as outdoor kitchens) so that everyone can see what they're doing!


Undercap deck lighting is seamless and gives any outdoor space a completed, upmarket appearance.


e) Recessed Deck Lighting


Don't fret! We acknowledge that not all outdoor decks have convenient places to put lights. In this instance, in-floor or recessed deck lighting is a fantastic option for decks with no places to put lights. Recessed deck lighting is also ideal for illuminating the deck's perimeter!


f) Hanging Deck Lights/Pendant Lights


If the deck has an overhead structure with a mounting point, such as a pergola, an outdoor-rated hanging light fixture can be an excellent source of illumination. The pillars and cross beams of a deck ceiling or pergola give an excellent foundation for an assortment of pergola lighting options.


g) Landscape Spotlights


When your clients are lounging on the deck, they will be observing the surrounding landscape. Don't keep it a secret!


Add landscape lighting to the base of your deck, walks, gardens, and other sections of your yard to increase their visual effect. If your firm provides landscaping and landscape lighting services, this is the perfect occasion to showcase your work to clients and their guests!


People take pride in the locations they have invested time and money in; therefore, ensuring that these spaces are well-lit is essential for sharing them.

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