Deck Remodeling Ideas and Inspiration

There are many reasons to want to remodel your deck and many more ways to accomplish this. If your worn-out wood decking needs replacing anyway, low-maintenance Stone decks may be an easy to install upgrade. You can update the railing by installing modular railings. You can also install. LED deck lights which come in prefabricated plug and play options making them even easier and more convenient to install. There are many other renovations you can do such as extending your deck or screening it in but these require professional help. It is never too late to try a new deck designs.


5 ways to refresh or remodel your deck


Upgrade to Tanzite Stone Tiles.


If your structure underneath the deck boards is sound consider replacing worn or rotten wooden decking boards with stone tiles. It won't rot like wood and it resists fading, staining, and mold. Stone is more resilient and they do not expand or contract as much as composite decking. Stone tiles present a very different aesthetic than composite decking or wooden deck tiles.


Different colors can be combined to create patterns and you can also create intricate patterns with smaller pieces arranged in between bigger pieces. This creates a smooth and clean finish that is pleasing to walk on and to look at.


Stone tiles only cost a little more than wood but it is only initial costs as these last much longer, do not have to be treated periodically and will not warp or crack as wooden deck boards will. Plus they’re less expensive than some composite brands. You can spend more time enjoying the deck and less time maintaining the deck. This also saves a lot of money as maintenance costs are not required for the rest of the time you own that deck.


Adding or Updating Deck Railing


Installing or updating railing is a way to add a great amount of character and to breathe a new life in your deck. There are off-the-counter solutions available for this with ready-to-install railing panels and modular components making it an easy Do it Yourself job for anyone with the enthusiasm to do so. There is a wide variety of railing designs available too in a range of materials so you can pick and choose one that fits the aesthetic and design of your deck. These materials include wood, metal, plastic, glass, composite, and any imaginable combination of these materials. You can even mix and match colors to create whatever pattern or design you might like.


Extend your deck


If the structure of your deck is in decent condition but is constricted by space you can consider extending your deck to add more room to move around where you can cook converse, or even just make a design statement with more open space.


The easiest way to do so is to add another platform that is a step up or down from your existing deck. If you choose to build an extension that is higher than the already existing deck, build a platform using joists that are toe nailed from one end to the existing deck's surface. Make sure you add support to the new extension with beams and posts. For lowering a deck, The deck's beam can be used to support one end of the platform and posts can be used to support the other end of the platform.


Add or Update Lightning


By adding lighting to your deck, you can create an atmosphere and make it more useful and safe. Candles and paper lanterns are cheap and add interest to the party, but they can be dangerous and are impractical. If you are on a budget, string lights are a better choice with pendant bulbs or LED rope lights with translucent tubing encasing the bulbs. You can hang the lights along railing or hang them along the walls. The best places to install rope lights are under railings and on the outside edges of your deck.


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Use low-voltage fixtures for a more permanent solution. They are often installed directly into deck boards, post caps, and stair risers. Because LEDs use less energy, the lights last longer and consume less electricity than other types of bulbs. Moreover, if you choose them for your lighting design you will have more control over the design and can match them with spotlights or other types of fixtures to accent trees or shrubs or to light pathways.


Screen in Your Deck or Porch


Roofs are great for decks and porches. The screen could simply be stapled between the existing posts and trimmed with wood or vinyl to hide the staples. Then you just need a doorway. Keep in mind, screening in the sides of your deck is only worthwhile if bugs can’t get between the deck boards on the floor of your deck.


Few decks have roofs and even fewer can support a roof and walls required for a screen porch. In most cases, screened-in decks and porches are a full-on renovation, built from scratch, and not retrofitted.


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