Deck Features

Consider the deck as an empty canvas waiting for it to be painted, a place for you to express yourself on. A place where you can find a different kind of comfort. Now think that the canvas is literally empty. While this allegory might fall short of explaining this, talking in direct terms, a deck with nothing but furniture is really boring although there will be no one stopping you from doing so, after all, simplicity is key. If it matches your vibe then a basic deck with plain decking is all good.

Why not utilize this empty canvas to paint on it. You can get creative and make it a fun and unique place to relax. After all, a deck is a place that should stand on its own, it should serve its purpose but also go beyond just the basic functionality of being a deck. A deck is one space you can use to make your home different. It could be a place where you may seek comfort and solitude or it could be a place where you can host parties or gatherings and enjoy with your friends and family. It can truly be something that you are proud of, a place that could be the crown jewel of your home and set you apart from the grain. Here are some ways you can add something different to your deck. Make it more lively and comfortable for you, your family, and even your friends. Read more: Porch Roof Options Before you Start There is one important factor that dictates what you can add to your deck. That is the space that it has to offer. The physical constraint not only dictates how much money you might need to spend on some additions but also whether or not things would fit you and your deck or not. A larger deck can very obviously hold more as it has more space to spare whereas a smaller deck might need a little more thought put into it to get the most out of it. It is important to note, that overfitting things that do not really go well with the size will cause a very cramped space that would become dangerous to be on as these are all very glaring tripping hazards. Built-In Features You can have some built-in features to your deck although this might mean that the deck has initially to be planned around that. If you have an already existing deck then you might need to restructure your entire deck as some of these features cannot be added afterward due to logistical or safety reasons. You can have planter boxes, benches, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens on your deck which are some examples of what needs to be planned for while building a deck since all of these would need some power, fuel supply and some of them would need to be built into the existing deck structures. However, these can be added to an existing deck with some adjustments, for example, benches and planter boxes. You can choose a different type of tiling for your decking needs too to serve a specific function. You can do some deck resurfacing with stone deck tiles in areas in particular that have no shelter from the rain or are just in general more exposed to the forces of nature. Try to choose features that are more hand in hand with your lifestyle. A grill can be perfect for entertaining, a bench is great for hosting parties or picnics, etc. Some additional custom-made deck furniture can really make your design one of a kind. Shade Features The intensity of mid-afternoon sunlight will be reduced by shade features such as arbors and pergolas. Hanging plants and vines from a pergola to create a lush overhead canopy above a sitting area is a terrific idea. Low-voltage lighting can be utilized to create ambiance and make your deck more usable at night. These deck features are great for adding a different flair to your decks as shade is very important no matter what climate. This would not only protect your decking from the forces of nature if it is stone deck tiles, but also it would allow the deck to be more welcoming and comfortable, allowing it to be used throughout the year no matter rain, snow, or sun. Hot Tubs and Spas Including a hot tub or spa in your deck design is a great idea. To create a peaceful environment for your family and friends, you can add benches and lighting. Low decks can be created around hot tubs, while higher decks can be built on a lower platform to recess the spa's top so it's simpler to step into the water. For further privacy, overhead pergolas and screen walls can be installed. To further improve the space, add some planters with flowers or potted plants. To help with choosing these features you can head on to our free deck design tool where you can pick and play with whatever your imagination can think of. #decking #tanzitestondecks #deckingideas #tanzanitedeck #deckstyles #outdoorstonedecks #outdoorlivingideas #deckdesign #deckfeatures

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