Brown Decking Ideas

Brown is a very popular color choice for homeowners and rightfully so as brown is one of the most prominent colors in nature's palette which works well with foliage and such. Brown decking, whether in the shape of stone tiles or even composite decking. Composite decking somewhat tries to imitate the texture and look of wooden tiles whereas stone deck tiles are a better application as these are also available in brown shades. Stone being a natural element will also give a more in touch with nature feel to your deck.

Brown decking comes in a huge variety of natural tones and natural-toned hues of brown such as the shades that are offered by tanzanite stone decking. From more strong shades like cedar to lighter shades such as White oak or more subtle hues such as cinnamon brown. There is a huge variety of options available in stone tiles as much as there is in composite decking.


In the end your choice of shade is entirely dependent on your own preference however it doesn't hurt to look at inspiration to find colors or even combinations of colors you find appealing when trying to find the perfect shade of brown. Here is a collection of ideas that would help you jump start your brand new deck project or a complete overhaul of an existing one.


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Brown decking can lend a very old school and cozy touch to your outdoor living space and create a whole new environment for you to work in. To create the perfect living space , it is important to choose the right colors that speak a more universal design language but also these colors need to reflect your own personal aesthetic too in the design. Here you can see some design ideas below to get tips for pairing brown composite decking with different railings, furniture or using a different design configuration to incorporate into your own decking projects. It could be something very specific that you want to formulate or it could be something more or less an entirely new idea, there is a huge variety of stone deck tiles and composite decking available to help you find the perfect fit for your decking needs.


Clean Modern Lines


Simple yet efficient and visually striking. You can lay down warmer shades of brown stone deck tiles in a neat parallel pattern which pairs nicely with vertical and horizontal lines of mesh railing. This goes very well with a pergola and gazebo. This shade of decking is a very subtle way to draw your eyes upwards and it keeps the clean lines throughout the space of your deck.


Mixed Materials in Matching Shades


Cooler-toned darker brown shades of decking offer a more sleek and modern feel when it is matched with similar material such as rod railing or other ornaments on your deck. Make sure that any additional item such as railings or ornaments are a similar matching hue or you can even mix and match the contrasts of the decking.


Going the tone and tone way by creating contrast would help you avoid the too matchy matchy look as mixing materials creates a more dynamic yet cohesive environment that makes the deck look more like a breathing and living space. You could also incorporate candle sconce chandeliers that give this entire deck a more rustic touch to keep things more interesting.


Mixing and Matching your deck with some foliage


The brown shades of your decking contrast very well with the green shades on plants and vegetation. You could use a warmer shade with a bright white pergola to make the deck seem more vibrant. Adding plants would not only make the deck look more neater but also adds a lot more life literally to your deck.

Make sure that your plants are maintained properly, they should be properly fertilized and watered and should be in places where they can get proper sunlight.


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If you are going for this sort of design do make sure that your plants selection is aligned with the amount of sunlight that your deck will get. If it's in a place where there isn't much sunlight it would be wise to have plants that don't require too much sunlight and can remain in shades for longer periods of time.

Brown Decking on a poolside Brown decking which is more warm toned will work perfectly well with your indoor pool and add a lot of contrast to it. Even though you might not be able to live at a luxury resort you may be able to capture some of the essence of living at such a location with a brown toned decking. Brown decking comes in a lot of shades that would give you the look and feel of one. Stone tiles are a great selection for such as they are great at weathering moisture and other similar forces of nature which naturally come with having a pool in your backyard. Using stone decking such as tanzite would allow you to have a much more longer lasting pool. If you want to create a deck and to find some inspiration head on to our free deck design tool to create your perfect deck without any real world limitation to see and plan beforehand on what suits you. #decking#tanzitestondecks#browndeckingideas#browndecking#deckingideas#compositedecking

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