7 Outdoor Storage Ideas & Tips

Outdoor storage can be an excellent option to free up space in closets, garages, and attics. It can be used to store firewood, provide amenity storage for guests, and sort recyclables in an organized manner. With the appropriate approach to outdoor storage and a few helpful hints, you can maximize your space and make your storage places more aesthetically beautiful.

We've assembled some of our best images of under-deck storage and smart outdoor storage ideas to inspire you.

Under Deck Storage Ideas & Benefits

It might be easy to overlook chances for storage space when building a deck. Consider whether you require wet or dry storage when planning an outdoor storage facility. When storing watertight objects such as garden hoses or plastic pipes, wet storage is typically sufficient. Items that must be protected from the elements, such as lumber, may be stored in wet storage if they are lifted off the ground and covered with a tarp.

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However, wet storage is not always appropriate. Dry storage entails keeping objects in a manner that produces a watertight seal around them. For example, books and guitars must be stored in a dry environment to prevent damage from humidity. Whether you're searching for wet or dry storage, it's typically straightforward to create your own deck designs with storage underneath.

Outdoor Kitchen Storage

Do you have a grill, outdoor kitchen, or barbecue? What better location for storing culinary equipment than outdoors, in an outdoor kitchen? With the proper storage space, you can keep your outdoor cookware, utensils, and cleaning materials readily available. And by making a few simple modifications to a standard sliding drawer, you can make your own ice box with ease.

Storing Guest Amenities

Several of the best storage ideas incorporate making outdoor places a bit more pleasant and utilizing furnishings with concealed storage capabilities. With the addition of a few blankets and cushions, durable outdoor furniture may be made more comfortable. These cozy additions can be a terrific way to adorn your deck while also creating a more inviting atmosphere for your guests.

Seasonal Storage

The greatest backyard storage alternatives for your outdoor space depend heavily on geographical factors and climate. You may load sliding chest drawers with blankets or pillows to assist in warming those who are enjoying your deck on a chilly spring morning. What better place is there to store towels for drying off after a swim in the pool during the warmer months? Those who want to use their deck year-round may benefit from the addition of storage spaces that serve many purposes.

Under Deck Storage

With the proper layout, you can create a substantial amount of protected and private storage space directly beneath your deck. In addition to adding height and levels to your deck design; built-in wooden storage and drawers snuggled into an appealing masonry facade provides adequate space for storing a range of objects you want to utilize while entertaining on your deck. Using a hidden kind of storage helps avoid your deck from appearing cluttered and disorganized, regardless of how much you store underneath! With a few straightforward modifications, you may transform built-in storage drawers into secure, lockable storage areas.

Garden Storage

Even if certain items are weatherproof, you do not want them cluttering up your yard or garden. When not in use, you may keep yard toys, garden tools, and lawn chairs in a built-in shed beneath your deck for easy access. Whether you are storing herbicides and pesticides or putting away summer toys until warmer weather returns, it can be extremely helpful to keep these materials organized and accessible.

Deck Enclosures and Storage

Those with unenclosed decks may not have the same storage choices as those with fully or partially enclosed surroundings. The addition of a deck enclosure can significantly improve your storage options. Places where it was previously impossible to store fabrics, pillows, and carpets can now be protected much more easily, making it much simpler to create a nice outdoor space.

Storage Sheds

A storage shed may be required if you wish to store a large number of items and maintain their accessibility. Storage sheds give the best of both worlds as the king of outdoor storage solutions. Transportable storage structures can be purchased. You can install them anywhere in your backyard, whether against your home, beneath a multi-level deck, or as a freestanding building, whichever you deem to be the most aesthetically pleasing. A shed for storage need not be an eyesore. It can be painted or incorporated into your backyard landscaping in an aesthetically pleasing and functional manner. In addition, keeping your storage shed organized allows you to keep essential materials readily available and safe from the elements.

How Do I Organize My Storage Shed?

A small amount of organizing is all that is required to substantially improve the efficiency of a storage area. Organizing a storage shed involves balancing the accessibility of your stuff, minimizing clutter, and ensuring that you always know where things are. Typically, the easiest method to maximize storage space within a shed is to utilize both vertical and horizontal space. For instance:

  • Almost any piece of wood the size of a broom can be hung horizontally on the interior or exterior of a storage shed. Use hanging brackets to store an assortment of garden tools.

  • Plan an empty path that can be used for circumnavigating the storage area. Depending on the objects you intend to keep, a circular or "C"-shaped room is frequently optimal. For example, if you're storing chairs in your shed, you may need a larger place to maneuver them so that you don't scratch your chairs or find it challenging to move them from your shed to your lawn.

  • Consider spots where you could install shelves. Look for an area where you may create a slat wall to store larger items such as power tools, hoses, ladders, and other medium-sized items.

  • Consider arranging smaller tools and objects on a pegboard. Simply attach hooks to the holes to create new storage as needed.

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