11 Deck and Patio Landscaping Ideas

The presence of lawns is one of the most pleasing aspects of the modern suburbs that puts a bright contrast to the concrete jungles that cities are. These landscapes are very pleasing to the eye however these are very tedious projects with a lot of work required not just to create the landscape in the first place but also to maintain the lawns. Even though every backyard presents a different set of variables you can always refer to a certain set of ideas or things that are already said or done.


How do you Landscape Around a Deck or Patio?


Select Your materials and determine borders


You can create a border using certain types of plants which create a contrast, however, these might not be the physical border that is hard set; these are very pleasing to the eye as it adds variety to your lawn. Another way you can do this is by creating a fence or using bushes as these are more hard borders that physically limit what can and can't go across. Perhaps you can do a combination of both with fences before a flower border or similarly bushes before a flower border.


When selecting a border you should perhaps consult the local building code of what is allowed, for example, you have to put a border around your pool if it's in your backyard so that it cannot be used unsupervised.


Understanding what plants work with what climate is also important considering the amount of sunlight, moisture or maintenance they would require.


Breaking Ground:


When establishing a landscape or a lawn it is advised to dig up existing turf to install border edging and lay landscaping fabric to minimize the number of unwanted plants that would disrupt your carefully cultivated landscape.


Planting and adding materials:


Once your landscape is planned and mapped out and the ground is prepared it is time to finalize the layout and install the plants where you want them. Feel free to use as much mulch or rock beds on top of the landscaping fabric. This way you can minimize the amount of time you need to maintain and mow the lawn. These are different patterns and colors that you can create too with different colors of mulch or gravel readily available in the market. If you can imagine it then you can certainly build it.


Landscaping Ideas for Decks and Patios


A great landscaping design is one that would complement your deck and patio well, offsetting the beauty of your home and backyard.


Surround Your Patio with Flowers and Trees


This is a great design that not only makes for a very picturesque aesthetic garden but is also relatively easier to maintain. Flowers not only form a natural border but also enhance the view. Plants and bushes that rebloom every year should be considered. Consider catering to the needs and wants of your plants for example if you choose to plant hydrangea then you might need to provide them partial shade so consider planting some trees around them.


Bushes and Trees around a raised Deck


If you are planning to surround your elevated deck or patio with bushes and plants, keep in mind their height. A tall bush can provide visual coverage for the space between your deck and the ground, thereby concealing an unsightly crawlspace. This works very well with stone deck tiles as this establishes a very nice contrast with the stone texture.


Minimalist Landscaping with Rock Beds


Patio and lawn borders can be made more attractive by using rock beds. The patio is not susceptible to grass or weed invasions, however, you can plant a small shrub or tree there for decoration. A polished, well-maintained space around your deck can be created by removing weeds. This can save you hours of time pulling weeds.


Add Planters and Flower Beds Around Your Patio or Deck


An easy way to add plants to a raised deck is by installing planter boxes. You can build your own planter boxes by following our instructions. If you want your deck to match your planters, you can use wooden or composite planters. Plants and flowers can be added to these planters on your deck. You can add interest to your garden with a pergola and climbing ivy with minimal maintenance.


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Use Mulch to Contain Plants


The addition of mulch over landscaping fabric can reduce the growth of weeds and serve as a planting area at the same time. Additionally, the deck and patio feature built-in planters for a landscaped appearance that doesn't require mowing or weeding.


Use Natural Stones Create Your Own Backyard Pond


Your backyard doesn't have a natural spring? No worries! An artificial pond can be enclosed with artfully arranged rocks. A beautiful patio area can be created by adding mulch and shrubs.


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